7 Reasons to Visit Your Local Library

August 26, 2019

It’s kind of amazing that most sizable towns in the country have a building where you can drop by and bring home a stack of books…for free! Here are some more reasons why you and your child should swing by the library today.
Kid stuff

Not merely a depository of books on virtually any subject, libraries are driven to turn kids into lifelong readers and library patrons. Most libraries offer a number of activities for kids of any age, from story time sessions for babies and toddlers to board game parties to events based on Harry Potter or Dr. Seuss.


Join the club

The clubs aren’t just for kids. Libraries are a place where book lovers can unite with other book lovers. A lot of libraries host book clubs or guided reading clubs, for kids, teens, and especially adults.


What a card!

Kids love to be trusted with an increasing amount of responsibility. They also like having something to call their own, particularly a piece of identification before school IDs or driver’s licenses are a thing. A library card may be the first card with their name on it that they can carry in their own brightly-colored rainbow wallet. They can use it to check out all the books they want, and learn all about the importance of returning those books in a timely fashion!


Guardians of the galaxy

Librarians are the guides and hosts to a world of information—literally. They were Google before it was Google, because they can help you research any topic, providing both places to look online and to recommend books on your point of interest. They can also show you exactly where those books may be, either in their library or an in-network one in the next town over.


It computes

Computers are a huge part of modern life and they’re here to stay. All libraries have them, so use them. If you don’t have a desktop computer or your kids have been begging you for one of their own, head to the library for a safe, free, Wi-Fi enabled internet-browsing experience.

Alert the media

Gone are the days of Blockbuster—video stores don’t really exist anymore. But there is the local library. They’ve all been amassing their stock of movies for years…and it’s free. And unlike streaming video sites, libraries tend to offer movies that are a little bit older, artsier, and more obscure. It’s also a great way to watch movies if you’ve still got a DVD player or VCR (or don’t have the best internet connection to watch stuff online). It’s the same thing with music. Check out CDs of all genres at the library without having to sign up (and pay for) a digital music service.


Cheap! Cheap!

The books at libraries are free—that’s kind of a library’s whole thing. But beyond that, a lot of larger libraries may have a little room where they sell books, too. The stock, which consists mainly of donated books or ones removed from the library’s circulating collection, is a great place to discover a literary gem.

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