Level Up with Discovery Readers

October 7, 2020

By Christa Protano

It seems like every summer, school finally ends and just like that we are back-to-school shopping for the following year. While this upcoming school year is presenting its own set of challenges, one thing is certain: children will be learning, whether its in-person or from a virtual classroom. I think most parents, especially ones of young children like myself, can agree that education definitely falls short when the little ones are required to sit at a computer all day. That’s why I’ve turned to these Discovery’s All-Star Books to help boost my kindergartener’s and first-grader’s reading skills.

Level 1: Early Readers

What I love most about Discovery All-Star Books is that each one is written from the perspective of specific animal and engages the child with lots of fun, easily digestible facts. These came in especially handy during quarantine when my son was virtually learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Level 1 features simple repeated sentence structure, easy vocabulary, a glossary to reinforce reading comprehension, and lots of cool photographs. Your child can get up close and personal with Dolphins, Tigers and Penguins all from the comforts of home.

Level 2: Developing Readers

Is your child ready to take the next step? Level 2 builds upon Discovery’s simple factual text with an intro to phonics structures, compound sentences, some three-syllable words and more.

Excitement abounds as young readers enter the world of Sharks, Polar Bears and Gorillas, and discover each species’ habitats, traits, eating patterns and the like, all while practicing and sharpening their reading skills. Each Level 2 reader also wraps up with a few pages of facts that you can quiz your child on to reinforce their reading comprehension.    

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