Eppie the Elephant Lunch Box Notes

August 9, 2018

Surprise your little one at lunch time with a sweet note to let them know you’re thinking of them! These printable lunch box notes are filled with adorable artwork from Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts). To show some extra love, you can also write your own personalized message on the back.


Print your notes!

Just print, cut, sign, and hide these sweet notes in your child’s lunch box!

Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts)

It’s the first day of school for Eppie the elephant, and she’s a bit nervous about one thing: that her new classmates won’t understand her allergy to nuts. Like many kids today, this fun-loving elephant can’t partake in peanuts, pecans, or pistachios and has to be careful about what she eats. Eppie makes fast friends with Allie the alligator and Pearl the squirrel, but when Eppie’s allergy is explained at lunch, will her friends still stand by her side? Pick up a copy to find out!

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