10 Books for Back-To-School Season

July 6, 2023

By Christa Protano

As I write this, the idea of my children going to back to school is very hard to comprehend. We live in New Jersey and the school year didn’t end until a couple weeks ago. Summer has only just begun, but I know that is not the case for other parts of the country. Next year marks the first year that my son and daughter will be going to different schools. They are both a little nervous to be apart while starting new adventures on their own. I’m hoping some cool new school supplies and a few fun family read-alouds will help ease their first day jitters. Whether your own child is just starting to learn about the idea of preschool, or she is breezing through grade school, here our 10 books to get them excited about next year. 

Show and Tell

A student’s favorite school pastime is given its very own story in this hilarious picture book. Show-and-tell takes center-stage in Mr. Lumsden’s class where children compete to see who brings in the coolest thing. In addition to clever rhymes, this book features illustrations by award-winning artist and author Rob Biddulph.

Touch and Trace Nursery Rhymes: The Wheels on the Bus

This classic nursery rhyme is ready for a whole new generation of soon-to-be scholars. Perfectly sized for little hands, this board book help babies and toddlers improve their hand-eye coordination by tracing shapes on every page. With modern designs and playful illustrations, parents will love sharing the rhymes they grew up with to their little ones. 

How I Did It

A children’s book that encourages confidence and creativity? Yes, please. This new addition to the Silver Dolphin Books collection is written with plenty of word play as the determined letter “I” embarks on a daring adventure to break free from the page and follow his dreams. 

You’re My Little Bookworm

With the help of an adorable spelling bee, a smart cookie, and — of course — one colorful bookworm, your newborn or infant can begin to foster their love of reading with this chunky board book. Once they become obsessed with its die-cut pages, be sure to check out the other You’re My Little titles in this national best-selling series. 

ABC I Love You

This perfect first-alphabet book includes colorful illustrations, playful text and large graphic letters to help introduce your baby to the ABCs. If you are looking for a different way to say “I Love You,” this title has you covered from A to Z with 26 pages of sweet sentiments.

My School Unicorn

What could be better than a magical unicorn to help chase away any new school worries? In this tale, discover how the main character, Evie, gets help from a tiny mythical creature to tackle her next learning adventure. This is a wonderful story to read to your child in the weeks leading up to the first day of school. Bonus: the back of the book includes step-by-step instructions for making your very own magical friend.

On the First Day of School

This colorful board book is perfect for children heading off to preschool or kindergarten for the very first time. Friendly animal characters walk new students through their daily routine, from getting their own cubby to music and craft time. With a die-cut cover and playful illustrations, we think this rhyming read will help the youngest of students adjust to their new routine.  

The Story of Presidents

Class is in session for babies and toddlers alike, thanks to this board book which guides parents through their child’s first history lesson. From George Washington to Joe Biden, this illustrated read highlights the positive impact of 14 American presidents. 

My First Heroes: Black History

Help your preschooler gear up for Black History Month (February) with this title that highlights four celebrated black heroes. Your child will learn how Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Serena Williams, and Maya Angelou changed the course of history with this interactive board book featuring push, pull, and slide elements. 

ABC Animals!

When your child is ready take on the alphabet, let this book be their guide from A to Z. Each letter is paired up with its own animal through playful rhyming text and real-life imagery. Kids will have a blast ABCing their way through the animal kingdom, starting with anteaters and continuing all the way to zebras. 

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