Extra Credit: Fun Books to Dive Into After School

March 1, 2022

By: Christa Protano

When I first became a mom, I remember watching my 9-year-old nephew totally absorbed in a chapter book. At the time, we were sitting on the beach. I was so fascinated by this moment - the ocean was right in front of him, but he preferred the world on the page. That’s the power of books, right? Back then, it was hard to imagine my then 3-year-old ever getting to that level. Fast-forward a few years and we now have two early readers in our home. I love that my kids love to read, and I’m constantly on the hunt for books to keep the momentum going. Here are a few that make the cut. 



I am Machli, Queen of the Tigers, Level 2

Curious kids can get all the facts about their favorite animals and work on their literacy skills, too, with Animal Planet’s All-Star Readers. This intermediate book follows Machli, the regal bengal who rules the tiger territory of India’s Ranthambore National Park. There is no shortage of amazing photos and fascinating material to peak your child’s interest and reinforce their reading skills. 



Rabbit & Bear: A Pest in the Nest

My kids love this quirky twosome, and this paperback addition to the Rabbit & Bear series does not disappoint. Perfect for those of us patiently waiting for spring, A Pest in the Nest sees a grumpy Rabbit emerging from winter to find some new friends in his burrow. With the help of Bear, he learns how to shift his thinking in order to remain calm and be more accepting of others — life lessons wrapped up in this silly tale, perfect for parents and children alike.   



Ready to Learn: Second Grade Reading Workbook

OK, so this one is not exactly a storybook, but it does work wonders for those early literacy skills. These Ready to Learn workbooks are a great addition to your child’s homework routine, with quirky characters and illustrations to help along the way. Just one to two pages per night helps preschoolers to third graders practice reading, math, and writing too. 

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