25 Activities for Your Countdown to Christmas!

November 15, 2021

By: Kristen Johnson

All kids, of all ages, anticipate the unbridled joy that comes with Christmas morning. Christmas morning is the most magical of all the days and rightly so. The days and weeks leading up to the 25th can fly by and the entire season becomes a blur. Slow down the holiday season and gather the entire family to savor moments that mean the most. With How Winston Delivered Christmas you can enjoy twenty four and half days of a festive adventure and themed activities that the entire family will enjoy.

This Christmas action packed journey is full of entertainment and adventure. Winston is a mouse who knows the importance of Christmas and when a letter is left behind he takes on the thrill of hand delivering it to Santa. Through this small but mighty character, we learn all about unique traditions and Christmas around the world. Intertwined with the twists and turns of Winston’s adventure the readers are invited to craft along.



Pack your Bags

 Christmas comes but once a year so enjoy the season with those you love with stories and creating! Embrace the holiday spirit, fire up the oven and grab your scissors because we are going on an adventure. Together with Winston we will make everything from finger puppets, snowflakes, paper chain garland, customizing gift wrap and so much more. 

Get ready for the season in the most festive way possible and get your copy of How Winston Delivered Christmas. It will be fun to read the story with your whole family. Get cozy and read a chapter together each night and maybe have some Christmas cookies too! There is nothing like family time, crafting and cookies. With all of the Christmassy activities to do, this is going to be the best holiday yet!

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