Ready to Learn Pre-K Workbook Activity Pages

April 20, 2020

Looking for extra educational tools for your child? Trying to find ways to break up the online school day? Check out our downloadable activity pages from our Ready to Learn workbook series. Just click on the pages below and print them out...easy peasy!

    Ready to Learn: Pre-Kindergarten Math Workbook builds the solid foundations young children need for mathematics. This workbook starts with introducing children to numbers 0 through 10 and then focuses on counting skills and sorting and classifying numbers. With colorful illustrations and content vetted by top early education specialists, this workbook is sure to place young children on a path for math success.

    Ready to Learn: Pre-Kindergarten Writing Workbook provides young children with the writing skills they need before kindergarten. With content vetted by top early education specialists, this workbook builds the fundamental writing skills kids need as they continue to grow and learn. From basic fine motor skills to letter tracing and practice, children will develop letter recognition and beginner writing skills, and will feel prepared for the writing they’ll encounter in kindergarten.

    From the alphabet to letter and sound recognition, Ready to Learn: Pre-Kindergarten Reading Workbook features content vetted by top early education specialists. With a variety of activities paired with colorful illustrations, children will learn many important early reading concepts including letter name and sound recognition, print awareness, rhyming, and more. After children complete the workbook, parents can present them with the reading readiness certificate at the end of the book.

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