5 Ways to Make Story Time Even More Special

August 22, 2019

There are few better moments in the day than story time. It’s a chance for parents and kids to connect and share a story, building both memories and strong readers over time. Here are some ways to extend story time…and make it even more wonderful.
1. Create a cozy book nook

If you combine play time with story time, you’ll have fun and develop kids’ literary skills at the same time. First, select a book to read…then set it aside so you can use a bunch of blankets, pillows, chairs, stuffed animals, etc., to build a cozy little fort. Now you’ve got a (temporary) book nook where you can nestle in for reading time.

Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration!

2. Act up!

It’s almost a guarantee of parenthood: Kids who especially enjoy a certain book will want to read it together over and over again, day after day for weeks at a time. Encourage that interest without making yourself get tired of the book by having your little reader act out the story. Together, you can turn a storybook into a little play. Use costumes and/or props for some extra interactive fun!

3. The world at your hands

This one might be especially effective with reluctant readers. Demonstrate the connection between books and that great big world out there by picking books that relate to some fun activity you’ve done together. Did you just visit the beach or are about to take a trip there? Then read a book about the beach together. Did they have a blast at a new movie? Or love a particular TV show? There are plenty of books about movies and favorite characters—just check out the title selections from our sister imprint, Studio Fun International! You’re establishing a link between curiosity and fun and reading.

4. A book about books

Reading to kids of any age can help them develop reading skills, and it can also help with writing skills, too. Keep a story journal together, sort of a scrapbook of all the books you read during story time. Depending on their age, children can draw a picture of something they liked from the book, or write a diary entry or mini-review.

5. It's always a good time for a story

“Story time” and “bedtime” don’t have to be synonymous. Reading with a parent can relax a child, but an exciting story might rile up the little one just as easily. The solution: switch up story time. Tell your kids that it could come at any time—start the day with a story, or read together right after everyone gets home for the day, or while dinner cooks.

Here are some more book suggestions perfect for story time!

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