Celebrate STEM Day with These Fun & Educational Series!

November 6, 2018

National STEM/STEAM Day is on November 8th, but why not make everyday STEM/STEAM Day? To help, we are highlighting some of our favorite science-themed educational series! These interactive books and kits let children explore topics such as the ocean, space, the human body, and so much more. Learn all about these fascinating titles below!

The Smithsonian Exploration Station series

The Smithsonian Exploration Station series combines informative text with interactive elements to satisfy curiosity and keep children engaged. Whether they're hanging up the glow-in-the-dark stars from Solar System, blowing up the inflatable globe from World Atlas, or assembling the model skeleton in Human Body, kids are sure to be enthralled by this hands-on learning experience.

Bone Collection series

Each kit contains an informative paperback book, card pieces, and easy step-by-step instructions to build your very own model!

3-D Explorer series

It's time to explore the secrets of the natural world—layer by layer—with these innovative titles. Each book features five spectacular 3-D pop-up panoramas with foil and transparent layers that reveal the inner workings of each fantastic location.

Build It series

Visual and kinesthetic learning combine in our Build It series. Each fact-filled title includes a 32-page informative book and pieces to construct a model of the given subject. These unique interactive guides cover everything from the human body and dinosaurs to sharks and rockets. Don’t just read about it—build it!

Explore series

Combining the best elements of a book with 3-D layered models to help readers truly “explore” the mysteries of what makes things work, this series presents a unique approach to learning. The three-dimensional interactive format allows for in-depth exploration of each subject. Each title features colorful illustrations and a unique model that can be explored, layer by layer, by simply turning the page.

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