Reading Guide: Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts)

August 8, 2018

With tips for successful reading comprehension and activities related to the book, our Eppie the Elephant Reading Guide offers ideas for how to connect with your child about what they’ve read and help them understand food allergies and how to show compassion.

Help your child prepare for school by joining Eppie the elephant, Allie the alligator, and Pearl the squirrel for a heartwarming story of understanding, acceptance, and friendship in Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts)!

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Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts)

Written by Livingstone Crouse
Illustrated by Steve Brown

It’s the first day of school for Eppie the elephant, and she’s a bit nervous about one thing: that her new classmates won’t understand her allergy to nuts. Eppie makes fast friends with Allie the alligator and Pearl the squirrel, but when Eppie’s allergy is explained at lunch, will her friends still stand by her side? Readers of all ages will relate to this heartwarming, lyrical story of understanding and acceptance.

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Find out what inspired his illustrations for Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts), what his creative process consists of, his advice for aspiring illustrators, and so much more!

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