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Smithsonian Kids: Mighty Dinosaurs Coloring & Activity Book

Which dinosaur ate 400 pounds of plants each day? How did Stegosaurus use its spiky tail? Which flying...

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Baby Ballers: Michael Jordan

"Silver Dolphin gets nothing but net with Baby Ballers: Michael Jordan by Bernadette Baillie, a boa...

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Animal Planet All-Star Readers: I Am Major, First Dog, Level 2

Meet Major! He’s the very first dog whose “wags to riches” true story has him going from an anim...

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Rabbit & Bear: A Bad King Is a Sad Thing

Icebear has arrived in Rabbit and Bear's valley, and he wants to be king. He's big and scary, and the ...

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Uncover a Dog

Uncover the secrets of a dog's anatomy layer by layer in this totally redesigned title in the popular ...

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The Night Before Christmas

Beloved for 200 years, Clement Clarke Moore’s treasured poem "The Night Before Christmas" has taught...

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Santa's Squeaky Boots

Santa's got a brand-new pair of boots from Mrs. Claus. But with every step he takes, they let out a lo...

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The Big Animal Busy Book

Complete the activities in this book and discover some really wild facts about the animal world. Guide...

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Baby's First Spot & See

Point to the baby, Point to the ball, Point to the dog, Baby, you’ve found them all! Explore the wor...

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