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Are you ready for a joke-a-thon? Satisfy your hunger for humor with the hundreds of side-splitting jok...

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Get ready to satisfy your hunger for humor with the hundreds of side-splitting jokes inside this hilar...

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LOL The Funniest Jokes Ever

Time to laugh out loud!Q: What’s black and white and makes a terrible noise?A: A penguin playing the...

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No Way-Can’t Believe It-Totally Freaky Facts

The truth is often stranger than fiction. Don’t believe it? Consider this: Statistically, you are m...

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This Book is Haunted!: A Halloween Joke & Activity Book

Why did the vampire need to take medicine? What’s a ghost’s favorite snack? Find out the answers t...

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Topsy-Turvy Tongue Twisters and More

Want to confuse and confound your friends? Inside this giant book, you’ll discover a fantastic colle...

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Yuck! Ick! Eww! The Grossest Jokes Ever

Gross out your friends with this disgusting collection!"Why did Piglet look in the toilet? He was loo...

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