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Uncover a T.Rex

Illustrated by Davide Bonadonna and Christian Keitzmueller

$22.99 USD ($30.99 CAD)

  • Age range: 8 to 12
  • Pages: 16 pp.
  • Size: 10.75 x 12.25
  • FormatHardcover
  • On Sale: August 25, 2020
  • ISBN 13: 9781684125517
Description Additional Photos
In Explore a T. Rex, a fascinating three-dimensional presentation allows in-depth, hands-on exploration of the most fearsome dinosaur that ever prowled the earth. This unique “model” can be deconstructed and rebuilt layer by layer, system by system, just by turning the page, so the reader can see how each part of the T. rex’s body is connected to the others. By combining a 3-D model with informative text and pictures, Explore a T. Rex helps children understand how dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes ruled the prehistoric world for millions of years.

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