February Focus: Sing a Song of Kindness

February 1, 2023

By: Dr. Candace Byrd

Sing a Song of Kindness promises a tender take on classic nursery rhymes, and it has become an instant favorite at our house. The sturdy pages have adorable illustrations with the sweetest details while the rhymes encourage kindness, friendship, social-emotional awareness, and good stewardship of the Earth.

Keep reading for some good tips for story time with your little ones.

Child looking at open board book with picture of brown bear and bear cub
Child's hands holding down open board book pages with text that reads "Five Little Speckled Frogs" and images of frogs hopping
Child's hand holding down page of board book with night sky scene including moon and stars and pink rabbit looking up at text which reads Star Light, Star Bright


Tip #1: Sing the songs! The nursery rhymes are easy to recognize so be sure to sing the tune as you read the words. 

Tip #2: Have your little one point and verbally label the illustrations. There are so many details to explore on each page and this will help them practice some very important skills. Pointing is necessary for non-verbal communication and establishing joint attention. It also helps little ones practice hand-eye coordination. Labeling will help your child practice speech sounds and expand their vocabulary! 

Tip #3: Find an activity to extend storytime. For the fun sensory element, we love to use homemade playdough. (Watch this video tutorial to make your own.)

Your little one can practice fine motor skills as they squish, pinch, and roll the dough to create what they see on the pages. With playdough, the possibilities are endless. We sometimes incorporate dough cutters, but they aren’t necessary! You only need a little imagination! (Bonus tip: Use scented dough to add to the sensory experience!)

Dr. Candace Byrd is a mother of two with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She has a passion for sharing high quality picture books and promoting early literacy, play-based learning, and social emotional well-being. 

Instagram: @nestingwiththebyrds