5-step Homemade Dino-Valentines that will Make your Heart Saur

February 7, 2023

By: Dr. Candace Byrd 

Valentine’s Day is a nice time of year for kids’ crafts. There’s nothing as sweet as a homemade Valentine, and I can’t think of a better book to inspire a distinctive love note than the new board book from Silver Dolphin, You Make My Heart Saur.

How to Make a Dino-Valentine

After reading You Make My Heart Saur, we came up with our very own dinosaur puns and used them to make handmade Valentines!

Here’s what you will need: 

  • Card stock, cut to your preferred size
  • Markers, crayons, paint, or colored pencils 
  • Small dinosaur figures
  • Glue dots or tape
  • Optional: stickers, glitter, washi tape, poms

Step 1: Use pre-cut cardstock or cut your paper to size. Any size will do, so long as there’s room for your text and dinosaur figures.

Step 2: Write your dinosaur pun. Use characteristics from your dinosaur figures as inspiration. For example, “I love you as tall as a Brachiosaurus” or “Valentine, you’re looking sharp!”

Step 3: Using glue dots or tape, secure your dinosaur figure to the middle of the card. 

Step 4: Let your creativity flow You can add stickers, glitter, washi tapes, poms or any other craft supplies you have on hand. 

Step 5: Give to someone special.

See below for more lovely books that would make a great addition to a child’s library, in time for Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year!

You’re My Little Cuddle Bug

The You’re My Little board books are our favorite Silver Dolphin series, adorably illustrated, with winning rhyming text. They feature cut-outs and raised die-cuts that are nested together until you turn the page. This one shows cute little bugs cuddled up with their grownups and is perfect for any caregiver to read with their little cuddle bug. 

ABC I Love You

This ABC of affirmations celebrates all of the unique things you love about the child or children in your life. From their bravery to their energy, this board book will make your child feel special and seen. I like to pick something new to include every time we read it, like a recent time when they were brave, silly, or kind. This makes each rereading even more special. 

Cuddle Monster

Marilynn James’ story is sure to resonate with children who are attached to a comfort item. For Little Monster, it’s his special stuffy, Cuddle Monster. One day Cuddle Monster goes missing and everything seems to go wrong when Little Monster needs him the most. Luckily, Little Monster’s family is there to give him cuddles, making him feel better, braver, and ready for anything. 

Love from Me to You

The design of this book is so eye-catching, featuring unique heart-shaped cutouts that let you peek through all the way to the end. Kids will love turning the pages to see what the hearts will reveal next! The text explains different aspects of love using easy-to-understand language and sweet rhymes. “Love is found in sharing, and helping others out. Giving, not receiving, is what life’s all about.” 

I’ll Love You Every Day

Heartwarming scenes from around the world take focus as different animal parents frolic and play with their little ones. It begins with a bear family and the moving words, “the morning comes, the sun glows bright, and bathes your precious face with light.” As you turn the pages, cut outs show the sun growing bigger and bigger until the day turns to night and the moon emerges. “When you’re asleep, at rest or play, I’ll love you each and every day.” The text is rhythmic and soothing, making it ideal to read aloud while you curl up for a cuddle! 

I Love You So: A Book of Hugs

Celebrate a parent’s love toward their child in this book of hugs. I Love You So features raised-die cuts and half pages that when turned show each little animal giving their mommy or daddy a hug. My favorite thing about this book is that the parent is watching their baby learn, grow, and try new things, but they’re always there to support them and cheer them on. Little ones are sure to love the rhyming text and interactive component of this one!

Dr. Candace Byrd is a mother of two with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She has a passion for sharing high quality picture books and promoting early literacy, play-based learning, and social emotional well-being. 

Instagram: @nestingwiththebyrds