4 Adorable Christmas Board Books

December 22, 2022

By: Dr. Candace Byrd

Board books are such a fun way to build early literacy skills and bring the family together. With sturdy pages and unique features, they are perfect for keeping little ones engaged in story time.

Here is a list of four of our favorite board books for the holiday season! 

Santa’s Squeaky Boots

After Mrs. Claus gets Santa a new pair of boots, he squeaks loudly everywhere he goes. Your little one will love the rhyming text and the chance to squeak Santa’s boots after every turn of the page. For a little extra fun, pick something new for them to count on each page like Christmas trees, reindeer, and presents.

Santa's Squeaky Boots board book on a Christmas tree background

Silent Night: A Musical Christmas Book

This book has a built-in speaker that plays an instrumental version of the well-known Christmas carol, “Silent Night.” As you turn the pages, you can read or sing along. The illustrations show festive holiday scenes including a nativity, houses adorned with Christmas lights, a family decorating a Christmas tree, children bundled up ice skating and drinking hot chocolate, a group of carolers sharing Christmas cheer, and a family exchanging gifts. To extend story time, talk with your little ones about how your family celebrates Christmas. Be sure to include any special traditions and explain what they mean to your family.  

Peas on Earth

This board book features unique cutouts that encourage lots of tactile exploration, as well as a rhyming countdown for practicing early math skills. The story begins with the five festive peas nestled together in their pod. Then, one by one, each pea leaves until there is only a single pea left to witness Santa’s arrival. Luckily Santa leaves five presents, and all the peas come back to celebrate Christmas together. 

You’re my Little Christmas Cookie 

This book speaks sweet words of affirmation while the illustrations celebrate the special bond between little ones and their grownups. When we read this together in our family, my daughter is quick to point out the “mama” and “baby” on each page, but these labels can easily be interchanged for ones that better fit your family. It’s the perfect book for practicing pointing and labeling relationships, both important first steps for developing more complex social awareness and communication skills.  

Dr. Candace Byrd is a mother of two with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She has a passion for sharing high quality picture books and promoting early literacy, play-based learning, and social emotional well-being. 

Instagram: @nestingwiththebyrds

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