Start the Holiday Season with How Winston Came Home for Christmas

October 25, 2022

By Kristen Johnson

Winston won our hearts once already in his first adventure, How Winston Delivered Christmas. And now he's back to brighten our holiday season! On sale now, How Winston Came Home for Christmas is a joyful storybook and advent calendar about an extremely lovable little mouse with a mighty holiday spirit.

Join Winston as he goes on adventures that involve the kindest of friends and the most unlikely places. What's more, Winston's journeys are bursting with delightful crafts and delicious treats. Whether you get snow in your part of the world or not, you can make your very own snowman with supplies you can find in and around your home!

Flip through the pages and you'll find yourself in a musical wonderland where you can make a joyful noise as well. Using paper cups, ribbon, string, paint, brushes, and scissors, you can make your own unique bells to ring. When finished, you can even take your bells and hang them on the tree as an ornament! Make one for a friend to share some joy.

Winston's adventures include French traditions, and one special sweet definitely takes the cake! On the twelfth day of Christmas, the French serve a cake called a galette des rois. A small prize is hidden inside, and the person who finds it gets to be King or Queen for the evening. Lucky for us, we all get to be royalty with this simple and fun paper crown craft.


After all this crafting, Winston takes us to Sweden to enjoy a scrumptious cookie recipe. Along with four simple ingredients, all you need to make these cookies is your thumb! Be sure to enjoy the process with mixing in some love along the way.


Now that our tummies are satisfied it’s time to move to our final craft! Paper stars are such a lovely Christmas decoration, and you can make them in six easy steps. Take any kind of decorated paper, use plain card stock and keep it simple, or glam it up however you like! Make one or multiple to brighten up your holiday season.

Join Winston in the delightful stories and activities of Alex T. Smith's How Winston Came Home for Christmas. You'll start a holiday tradition to savor for the entire month of December. Enjoy!

Kristen Johnson of A Girl and Her Glitter, is a celebration expert with 16 years of experience as a professional event designer. She is a lifestyle expert who brings sparkle to all of life's celebrations and into your everyday life. Kristen resides in Central Florida with her husband and three kids, and is always up to something to bring real inspiration to you! 
She has been seen on Top Chef as the restaurant designer, Courses and Mini Series on Craftsy, featured on the Today Show and presenter for Craft Day on HSN.

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