5 Chapter Book Series to Start This Summer

June 27, 2022

By: Christa Protano

If your child is searching for a new book to dive into, look no further. Now is the perfect time for reading and these five chapter book series will keep your young reader engaged — and laughing — all summer long.


Rabbit & Bear

In author Julian Gough’s newest Rabbit & Bear novel, A Pest in the Nest, a grumpy Rabbit emerges from winter to find some new friends in his burrow. With the help of Bear, he learns how to shift his thinking in order to remain calm and be more accepting of others — life lessons wrapped up in this silly tale, perfect for parents and children to read together. Want more of this hilarious twosome? Click here.




Geek Guardians: Recess Revolution

This laugh-out-loud novel by cartoonist Michael Fry is a must-read for any kid struggling through middle school. A reboot of Fry’s successful The Odd Squad series, Geek Guardians follows a trio of misfits as they navigate the awkwardness of growing up and friendship. Young readers will crack up from Fry’s hilarious illustrations, while enjoying this relatable, heartwarming tale.



Bumble & Snug and the Angry Pirates

If your child is struggling with reading, this graphic novel just might be the book to take their skills to the next level. Filled with pages of bright and bold illustrations and short captions of text, Bumble & Snug features a couple of Bugbops who have to work together to outsmart a gang of pirates when they come across an abandoned treasure chest. With exploding cotton candy factories, a forest of unicorns, dragon caves and sleeping giant mountains, this series will appeal to both boys and girls alike.



The Unofficial Minecraft Diaries

Creepers and zombies and slime — oh my! The Unofficial Minecraft Diaries brings the popular video game to the page with stories that feature favorite Overworld characters. The latest and fourth installment, Adventures of an Endor Dragon, follows Ember as she embarks on the trip of a lifetime. When your child is finished reading her story, be sure to check out more in the series. 



Rainbow Magic 

With more than 40 million titles of the Rainbow Magic series sold worldwide, this beloved children’s series is back with a fresh new look. Newly independent readers can follow along with best friends Kirsty and Rachel as they help a team of magical fairy sisters deal with all the age-appropriate drama in Fairyland. Click here to pre-order the first four books in this series.

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