Summer Fun with Creative Kits: Pom-Pom Pets

July 14, 2021

School is out and the kids are home, so it’s time to have some summer fun! Creative Kits are hands on do-it-yourself bundles for kids of all ages. These kits are packed with everything you need to make and decorate your very own creations. With so many Creative Kits to choose from, you can create with clay, yarn, and so much more!

Why not start off the weeks of summer with a friend! We’re going to make some Pom-Pom Pets with the Creative Kit that will show us step by step instructions, showing how to make our very own pal. This 48-page book with easy to follow directions comes with yarn, pom pom makers, mini poms, pipe cleaners, beads, felt/foam squares and glue. This kit includes all of the fun, you just need to supply the cuddles.

As you follow along these easy to read directions you’ll be guided to use the Pom-Pom maker and start to loop your yarn. In no time you will have the start to your newest pal. Once your yarn is all spun then you will cut the yarn and tie a knot and into your first Pom. Depending on the type of pal you want to create, you will want to do this process over again to create both of the two parts needed. We find that the most important part is the “fluffing” of the yarn. Go ahead, grab a comb and create the cuddly volume! Once you piece your pal together, you can cut, make and add on all of your accessories!

Let’s take these Pom Pom pets on all the adventures and be sure to tag Silver Dolphin Books along the way!

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