Summer Fun with Creative Kits: Mini Piñatas

July 19, 2021

We are continuing our summer fun as we dive in head first into some Mini Piñatas! Creative Kits has pieced together some amazing ideas to create your masterpiece. From flamingos out of cardboard to rabbits made from balloons, this kit is going to bring some fiesta fun to your summer!

Whether your piñata creations contain candy or not, they will contain all of the hands on fun that you’re looking for. This 48-page book of amazing inspiration contains crepe paper, googly eyes, cardstock, and balloons. Mini Pinatas are perfect for your next party, family dinner, or just because. Once you choose your character to make, you will then be guided to make your piñata around a balloon or out of cardboard. No matter what you chose, you will have in depth instructions for the best outcome!

The very best thing about these Creative Kits is that the people making them are being encouraged to be hands on. From paper mache to piecing cardboard together your creative juices are flowing. Creating with your hands is one of the best ways to grow creatively as well as to relax. It’s true! Even if you do not think you are creative enough to make something, you are! With these Creative Kits you CAN make something amazing!

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