Summer Fun with Creative Kits: Clay Charms

July 28, 2021

Who doesn’t love anything miniature? There’s just something about something you really like in a tiny form. The Clay Charm kit from Creative Kits will fulfill all your miniature dreams! 

The Clay Charms set from Creative Kits includes everything you will need; 10 colors of clay, charm bracelet, drying rack, 2 clay tools, 10 charm loops, 10 split rings, glaze and a 48-page book. When you open this kit you will love the educational chapter of the book that is all about where clay comes from. Not only does this help the reader know the answer to where clay comes from but also unlocks the textures they are about to experience. From there you are familiarized with all of the contents of the package and then pages are filled with ideas and inspiration.

Jumping right into the clay, we decided that we wanted to create clay charms that were a reflection of ourselves. With the ability to follow along with the book’s ideas or create something all your own, the possibilities are endless. Using the colors as is and even mixing clay to create our custom colors, we decided that a taco was the best place to start. Using the clay tools provided we could make the lettuce texture, the details for the cheese, and even the tiny tomatoes. Once all of our ingredients were done, we formed the taco. Using the glaze that was provided we were able to coat the entire form. Easily putting together the provided drying rack, we hung our taco and other charms that we had created. 

Once the charms were completely dry, we were able to use the split rings to add to our charm bracelet. Now we are able to show off all of our charms that show what we like and who we are. Tacos for our favorite food, red glasses for a signature look, double hearts for our bond, a sloth because they are so cute, and a rock climbing charm for our sport. This Clay Charm bracelet was so fun to put together and allowed us to spend time together creating and getting to know each other a bit more.

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