Getting to Know Man’s Best Friend

April 27, 2021

By Christa Protano

These days, pets are basking in the spotlight. Since March, pet adoptions went up 30 percent, while Time magazine bestowed the honor of 2020 Pet of the Year upon rescue animals. If your family is one of the many who fostered a pet during the pandemic, we’ve got four books that will help your child get better acquainted with their new best friend.

For Your Newborn: Who Said Woof?

Little ones can start to connect familiar sounds with their respective pets thanks to this interactive board book. With peak-through flaps and doe-eyed illustrations, Who Said Woof? is just as cute — if not cuter — than a viral pup-and-baby video.

For Your Toddler: Puppies & Kittens: Too Cute! Coloring & Activity Book

Artistic adolescents can bring dalmatians, corgis, and kittens to life via this coloring and activity book. Here you’ll find no shortage of pet-themed mazes, matching games and more to keep little brains busy. What’s more, fifty animal stickers encourage kids to create their own animal scenes.

For Your Bookworm: Animal Planet Puppy Rescue Riddle

Brought to you by the folks at Animal Planet, this book is a two-for-one steal. Not only does it engage early readers with a kid-friendly mystery, but its chapters are sprinkled with colorful pages of animal care facts and photos to help improve a child’s understanding of their very own pet.

For Your Future Veterinarian: Uncover a Dog

When your child is ready to leave Doc McStuffins behind, help her channel her love of animals into something a little more real. Uncover a Dog takes a deep dive into a canine’s inner workings thanks to an interactive 3-D model, interesting facts, diagrams and more.

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