4 Bedtime Books to Help with Daylight Savings

March 4, 2021

By Christa Protano

Daylight. Savings. Time. These are perhaps the three most dreaded words for parents of young children. Just when your toddler gets on a sleep schedule, it’s time to change the clocks back or forward again. We feel your pain. So here are four books that will help with spring’s new sleep routine. Read one per night or all four — whatever works, right?

Tuck-in Time!

This adorable board book lets your infant join in the sleep-routine, ahem, fun as they turn soft blanket-like flaps to snuggle in hippos, sea turtles, llamas and the like. After all that work, sweet dreams shouldn’t be too far behind.

Goodnight Little One

When Goodnight Moon is no longer doing the trick, consider the latest from beloved author Margaret Wise Brown. Goodnight Little One takes place beneath beautifully illustrated starry skies, with 32 pages of Brown’s signature poetic verse to lull your child to dreamland.

Counting Sheep

Since letting your baby fall asleep on their own is easier said than done, it’s never too early to teach them a few tricks. Counting Sheep is an interactive take on a classic way to fall asleep, with a little help from five fluffy friends, die-cut pages and sweet rhyming text.

10, 9, 8...Owls Up Late!

If five sheep are not enough, countdown to bedtime with these 10 adorable owls. Parents will sympathize with Mama Owl as she hoots and struggles to get each of her little ones to nest. Toddlers will love the cut-out pages and charming illustrations. There’s also a colorful counting chart at the end, but fingers-crossed your child will be all tuckered out by then.

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