Ready to Roar!

January 6, 2021

By Christa Protano

Whether you have fond memories of seeing the very first Jurassic Park in the theater, or took your kids on a recent drive through a Jurassic Quest exhibit, one thing is for sure — dinosaurs are a crowd-pleaser no matter what age. Children and adults alike can’t get enough of these larger-than-life reptiles that once roamed our planet. That’s why we pulled together our top Jurassic reads for infants to tweens.

Follow that T-Rex (Ages 0-2)

Take your baby on a colorful journey through the prehistoric age as you both search for the most popular of all dinosaurs. Each page features felt flaps and tabs so little ones can experience the hide-and-seek theme for themselves.

Discovery: Roar with the Dinosaurs! (Ages 3-5)

Did you know the T-Rex had sharp teeth as big as bananas? Of course you did! But your toddler will love being read these fun facts as he is introduced to each different type of dinosaur. What’s more, each reptile has its own corresponding roar button for a hands-on sensory approach.   

Animal Adventures: Dinosaurs (Ages 6-8)

When your child is ready to dig deeper into the Jurassic world, consider this kit from the best-selling Animal Adventures series. Animal Adventures: Dinosaurs lets kids build their own three-dimensional dinosaur models and dioramas and comes with a colorful fact-filled booklet.

Amazing Earth: Dinosaurs (Ages 8-12)

Argentinosaurus. Parasaurolophus. Quetzalcoatlus. In addition to the well-known giants, dinosaur fans can geek out on the less-popular yet just-as-cool prehistoric creatures that once inhabited the earth, sky and sea. Each book in this Amazing series includes pronunciation tips and five sturdy press-out models.

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