Book Review: Rabbit & Bear: A Bite in the Night

November 18, 2020

The next adventure for beloved characters Rabbit and Bear has just been released and we think it makes the perfect read for the cooler, spookier nights of fall. Rabbit & Bear: A Bite in the Night takes its readers on a not-so-scary journey through the late autumn woods, as trees inexplicably start to go missing! With winter on its way, worrisome Rabbit enlists his friends Bear and Woodpecker to help solve the mystery, but what they ultimately discover is so much more than a pile of bark.

Written by Julian Gough and illustrated by Jim Field, the Rabbit & Bear series benefits from these two experienced dads who have made it their mission to keeping both children and their parents entertained while reading. 

For his storylines, Gough draws inspiration from his 5-year-old daughter to help create title characters filled with big emotions and cheeky humor. Meanwhile, Field brings Rabbit, Bear, and friends to life through brilliantly illustrated facial expressions and gestures, along with a visual setting reminiscent of Yosemite National Park. It’s no wonder Field was the recipient of the Booktrust Roald Dahl Funny Prize and Gough just happened to write the ending to ever-popular video game Minecraft.

With this latest installment, A Bite in the Night explores the themes of progress, success, happiness, and most of all friendship in a funny, approachable way. As Rabbit, Bear and Woodpecker meet one seriously driven Beaver, they learn new ways to adapt to change while Beaver discovers what it means to slow down and figure out what really makes him smile. Hint: It’s friendship, of course!

If you and your children find yourselves reading a Bite in the Night again and again, be sure to check out other Rabbit & Bear titles, such as Attack of the Snack, Pest in the Nest, and Rabbits Bad Habits. With more than 100 pages each and a hardcover, the Rabbit & Bear books make a suitable introduction to your child’s chapter book reading, too.

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