The Big Book Adventure

April 25, 2019

"Gather your books, then swap and share.
As books can take you anywhere!"
The Big Book Adventure
There is nothing like a book to take you to places you’ve never been. Best friends Foxy and Piggy can’t wait to tell each other about all of their adventures in reading! Flying over Neverland, swimming with a mermaid, joining in a mad tea party, soaring on a magic carpet—old classics come to life in the eyes of two little readers who can’t believe what they’ve seen. Journey back to old favorites and experience the magic all over again in this adorable picture book about the joys of reading!
"Unique and engagingly entertaining from cover to cover, The Big Book Adventure is unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections." - Midwest Book Review

Don't miss our interview with Tim Warnes, illustrator of The Big Book Adventure! Learn about his artistic process, what inspires him, his advice for aspiring illustrators, and more.

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