Summer “Screen Time Rules” Checklists

March 26, 2019

If electronics rule the lives of your children, we have the perfect solution for a smooth summer! Most kids turn to their phone, tablet, or television first thing in the morning and it can be hard to motivate them to do anything creative or active the rest of the day. Our easy-to-use templates will help set boundaries with your child's screen time use and encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Our “Summer Screen Time Rules” checklist is the perfect solution for parents struggling with managing their child’s electronics usage. Laminate the list, frame it behind glass to use with a dry-erase marker, or print it out for daily use. Fill in the empty spots for the reading, creative, and active minutes you would like your child to complete before playing with their electronics.

We have also created a “House Screen Time Rules” blank template for year-round use, and for families to create their own rules that fit with their lifestyle.

How do you manage electronics time and use in your home? We would love to hear suggestions! Leave a comment below.

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