Indoor Snow Day Activities

February 6, 2019

The word "snow day" brings a feeling of excitement for kids, but as a parent it can be hard to fill time when you've been cooped up inside for awhile. After you've spent time playing in the snow, come inside and warm up with these 10 fun activities!

Board Games + Puzzles

Puzzles and board games are a classic and fun way to spend time together. Break out some of your childhood favorites!


There are so many ways for kids to be creative with just colored pencils or pens and paper. To kick start the creativity, try one of our downloadable coloring pages like this one from Kaleidoscope: Fabulous Gel Pen Coloring Kit.

Get Crafty

Find as many random items around the house as possible and set them out for your child. Dried macaroni, string, felt, beads, toilet paper rolls, and more can all create a beautiful masterpiece. Check out our Playtime Crafts filled with creative ideas!

Camp Under the “Stars”

Forts are a comfy way for kids to pretend they are camping in the wilderness. Build a fort or tent with sheets, blankets and kitchen chairs and fill it with pillows and their favorite stuffed animals. Turn off the lights in the house and read their favorite book by flashlight.

Science Rules!

Create your own science fair! With a few household items your child can create gooey globs (just cornstarch and water!), color changing milk, homemade Play-Doh, and more! Check out our 'Science at Home' Pinterest board for ideas.

Play Chef

Open up a restaurant in your kitchen. Give your child tasks that are important yet simple, like adding ingredients and mixing. Set the table with your finest linens and pour juice into wine glasses. For dessert, make homemade snow cones or ice cream! Bon appétit!

Go Snorkeling

Yep, you heard us! Bring goggles and a snorkel into the bath. Fill it with your child’s favorite beach and pool toys. Bring in some plastic animals or action figures and let their imagination do the rest!

Treasure Hunt

Hide a few of your child’s stuffed animals around the house and have a scavenger hunt. Create clues that will slowly lead them to each toy.

Dance Party

Create a fun playlist with your child, turn up the speakers, and let loose!


Reading is a great way to escape to another world without turning on the TV. Cozy up and laugh along with Rabbit & Bear: Rabbit's Bad Habits, learn about animals all around the world with Eyes On Animals, or travel into outer space in Let's Go: Into Space!

Rabbit & Bear: Rabbit's Bad Habits

Eyes on Animals

Let's Go: Into Space

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