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50 Summer Activities for Kids

May 23, 2018

Looking for ideas on how to make the most out of your summer vacation this year? We’ve got a wide selection of educational books, interactive kits, and activity books for kids to enjoy. Check them out below, then keep reading for a list of 50 fun and creative activities to keep kids busy all summer long!


Joke books, nonfiction, interactive storybooks…we’ve got something for everyone!


Have fun while learning with these kits that include everything you’ll need to create your own shark, backyard scene, and more. Perfect for science-lovers and little ones with curious minds!

Activity Books

Perfect for keeping kids busy while traveling, these activity books are filled with coloring, mazes, doodling, puzzles, and more!

50 Summer Activities for Kids!

1. Read together
2. Get a tour from a Park Ranger
3. Explore slides under a microscope
4. Grab your inner tube and head to the pool
5. Ride a roller coaster
6. Visit your neighborhood park
7. Plant something in the garden
8. Head to the beach
9. Take the train
10. Pick berries
11. Go tubing on the river
12. Visit a museum
13. See the animals at the zoo or aquarium
14. Try wakeboarding
15. Go camping
16. Check out the state fair
17. Play a round of mini golf
18. Watch a movie
19. Play outdoors
20. Have a family BBQ
21. See a concert
22. Go fishing
23. Visit an amusement park or water park
24. Search for constellations
25. Dig in the sand
26. Catch lightening bugs
27. Walk through the woods
28. Go bowling
29. Take a family bike ride
30. See a baseball game
31. Try a new hobby like karate
32. Paddle in the lake
33. Have a sleepover in the living room with movies, junk food, and glow sticks
34. Go to summer camp
35. Watch fireworks
36. Complete an activity book
37. Go crabbing
38. Relax!
39. See a puppet show
40. Collect shells
41. Eat ice cream
42. Visit a farm
43. Learn to kayak
44. Go for a hike
45. Blow giant bubbles
46. Make slime or play-dough
47. Go exploring outdoors
48. Pick a new hobby and practice it weekly to see everyone improve
49. Have a craft day
50. Bake something together

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