Mother’s & Father’s Day Crafts

April 26, 2016

Dad and Mom are the best! Grandma and Grandpa are the greatest! Let’s remind them this Mother’s and Father’s Day that they are appreciated and loved. Here are 15 craft ideas for kids to make this year! There are card ideas, apron and mug ideas, crafts using flowerpots, and even more!

1. Thumbprint Flower Pot


  • Terracotta flower pot
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper Plate
  • Permanent Marker


  1. Paint colored stripe on top edge of flowerpot.
  2. Put some paint on a paper plate and dip your thumb in it. Use the thumb to make a butterfly shape with 4 stamps.
  3. After the paint is dry, use a permanent marker to add antennas for the butterfly!

2. Superhero Card


  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Permanent marker
  • Superman emblem


  1. Start with a piece of 10” x 7” scrapbook paper and fold both sides to meet in the middle.
  2. Glue a 5” x 7” piece of scrapbook paper inside the fold.
  3. Cut out a tie from the scrapbook paper to add to the front of the card.
  4. Bend down the top corners to make it look like a collar and draw on buttons (or glue if you have 3 spare buttons)!
  5. Glue the tie on the front.
  6. Make or print a Superman emblem.
  7. Write your own message!

3. I Love You This Much


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Letter stickers


  1. Using double-sided printed paper, trace both your left and right hand and cut them out.
  2. Fold a strip of paper (approximately one inch wide) like an accordion.
  3. Take the cutout left hand and use your letter stickers to spell “I Love You”
  4. Glue each end of the accordion-folded paper to the paper hands.
  5. Using the letter stickers, attach them to the accordion to read “this much!”

4. Flower Bouquet Card


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Choose a variety of colored paper and draw circles in different sizes.
  2. Cut out the circles so each flower is made of up three circles from biggest to smallest. Glue the circles together.
  3. Cut out green strips for the stems. Fold each strip in half then glue the flower to the stem.
  4. Fold a piece of paper to make a card. Using a different colored paper, cut out a rectangle for the pocket. Fold three of the sides and glue it to the card.
  5. Stick the flowers in the pocket.
  6. Write your own special message inside the card!

5. Handprint Apron

This cute garden apron is easy to make and will be a lovely keepsake. With just a craft apron, paint, and handprints and footprints, you can make a lovely apron and a memorable present.

6. Ladybug Garden Rocks

Who doesn’t love a herd of ladybugs in the garden? With just rocks and paint, you can help your child create a simple but adorable gift.

7. Fingerprint Monkey

Make this adorable fingerprint monkey card for someone special! It fits perfectly for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card/gift from their kids.

8. You Are My Sunshine

If you’re looking for an adorable card to make for someone special, this one is perfect! Kids can make them all by themselves using noodles and paint!

9. Butterfly Footprint Art

Give a butterfly print to someone special in your life! Washable canvas + water-based acrylic paint can combine to create a beautiful art piece using your child’s foot. Plus, you can add the child’s first initial and year the painting was done for a little something extra.

10. A Monster Hug

Give your parent a hug with some monstrously long arms! A monster hug from a little monster sounds like the perfect gift.

11. Personalized Polka Dot Mug

Craft a stylish personalized mug for Mom or Dad with alphabet stickers and their favorite colors of paint.

12. Kid-Made Scribble Mug

Use stickers and painters pens to paint on a white ceramic mug and create a unique design for a personalized mug made with love.

13. Cupcake Liner Flower

Make a bright and colorful flower with cupcake liners. Insert a picture on the inside of a card or write a personal message for a special holiday!

14. Footprint Race Car

You make my heart race! These racecar footprints would make cute canvas art for the holiday or make a card and share it with someone special.

15. Photo Bookmarks

Photo bookmarks are an oldie…but a goodie! For the book lover in your life, create a personalized bookmark with their child smiling so they can feel the extra love every time they take a book break.

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