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Books by Age: 5-6 Years

Ages / 5-6

The Nutcracker: A Coloring Book

Join Clara and the Nutcracker on a magical Christmas journey through the Kingdom of Sweets in Classic ...

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The Tickly Spider

Follow the story of the little boy and the tickly spider as they learn how to share in this picture bo...

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This Book is Haunted!: A Halloween Joke & Activity Book

Why did the vampire need to take medicine? What’s a ghost’s favorite snack? Find out the answers t...

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Trick or Treat on Animal Street

"It’s Halloween night and there are friends to meet—It’s time to trick-or-treat on Animal Street...

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Walk with Me

Join two squirrels on their journey, as they explore the whimsical woodland, babbling brooks, and more...

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Wish Upon a Dream

Dreaming child, what you shall see, Deep in sleep might someday be. Explore a magical bedtime world o...

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With All My Heart

Share the love between a parent and child in With All My Heart. This beautifully illustrated picture b...

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