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Ocean Fun for Everyone!

May 10, 2018

Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time to hit the beach! Kids can learn all about the amazing creatures living in the ocean with our variety of educational board books, sound button tales, 3-D books, and more. Dive in below!


Books for Ages 0-2


Look Through: Sea

Lobsters, turtles, whales…and so much more! This early learning board book features cute art, simple labels, and raised touch-and-feel elements that babies will love. Learn all about what’s under the sea as you look through the pages and see the shapes transform.



Books for Ages 3 to 5


Discovery: Splash in the Ocean!

Splash in the ocean with 10 sound buttons! Swim through the world’s oceans and learn about whales, seals, dolphins and more with stunning photography. Then press the sound buttons to hear all the splashing, singing, roaring and squeaking!





Little Dolphin Sings a Song

Press the button to hear Little Dolphin sing! Dive under the sea as Little Dolphin meets new friends in this introduction to ocean life. Features stunning illustrations by renowned wildlife artist Maurice Pledger.

Books for Ages 5 and Up


Layer by Layer: Under the Sea

Six interactive layered scenes with atmospheric sounds show a variety of ocean animals, with multiple layers for readers to peel away. As each layer is revealed, kids can follow the movements of the animals through the transforming scenes.

Books for Ages 6 and Up


3-D Explorer: Oceans

Kids can dive in and discover all of the amazing secrets of the world’s oceans in 3-D Explorer: Oceans. In this multidimensional book, readers will learn more about the familiar plants and animals of the shoreline and rock pools and uncover the mysteries lurking in the ocean’s midnight zone and murky depths. Five spectacular 3-D pop-up panoramas feature clever transparent layers, revealing each ocean zone from the surface to the sea floor. Future marine biologists will be mesmerized by the amazing photos, facts, and artwork.

Books for Ages 8 and Up


The Magnificent Books of Ocean Creatures

The world’s oceans are teeming with amazing animals, and The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures brings this undersea world into the reader’s hands with dazzling, oversized illustrations and captivating facts. Each of the 36 animals is presented in full color, accompanied by interesting information about how it survives in its natural habitat.





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